Trip to Fort Bragg

Our trip went smoothly. Dramatic skies over the Sacramento Valley but no weather to speak of until the last half hour. If I weren’t so prone to motion sickness, we would have arrived before the rain even started. Not many pictures, though. I’ll get some when the weather is more cooperative.

The wildflowers in Colusa county, on the eastern edge of the Coast Range, were especially nice. Green hillsides tinted purple with lupine, splashes of bright orange California poppies, and here, there and everywhere, the redbud bushes were aglow with brilliant magenta flowers. The oaks wore their bright spring green, contrasting with the dark blue-gray of the sugar pines.

It won’t last. In a few short weeks, all that spring brightness will disappear and the hills will again be dry and desolate.

By the time we reached the Coast, it was dark and we were in a downpour. So I couldn’t have seen the wild rhododendrons even if they were blooming. Which they weren’t. It’s still too early for that, which I confirmed on the return trip yesterday, when there was bright sun to see by.


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