Followup I Should’ve Written a Month Ago

Yeah, the Harvest Festival was a whole month ago. We had a great time, sold a few books (really, a few—­ okay, four copies of Serpent and two of My Little Book of the Soul). Not a big day, but not bad, either. Since I shared the cost of the booth, it wasn’t expensive at all, and I made a profit.

Not one person came to the talk/interview. Several people had assured me they were coming, but none actually did, other than the friend who did me the favor of the interview. (It helps to have someone to look at and a conversation to keep things flowing.) Another friend of mine did videotape it, but since there’s no audience, the tape is less than exciting in its raw state. But the hour-long talk can probably be distilled into ten minutes that’s not bad at all, so I’m looking forward to that.